About Me

IdahoI have handled a most diverse group of clients while working as a private investigator for more than 20 years. My skip tracing assignments have particularly seen me working with just about everybody, from realtors to litigants and from genealogists to lawyers. Anybody who needed to have somebody found, has called on me for help, and you can do the same.

I can help you find a family member you want to forge ties with again or a friend you lost touch with or your birth parents if you were an adopted child or your biological child who was given up for adoption. Similarly, I can help you to trace college and school mates, colleagues, partners and others.

When one talks about skip tracing, it is vital to understand that it is not always about locating a friend or family member. Every clients has his/her own reasons for paying for such information. Let me give you a few examples here:

  • The police, like the Denton County Sheriff’s Office that I frequently work for, are interested in locating suspects who have absconded.
  • Bail bond agents, I have worked with several of them in Florida and Texas, want to know the location of suspects who are nowhere to be seen once they are released on bail.
  • Establishments that offer genealogic research services are keen on information pertaining to the family members of their clients, going back to 3 to 4 generations. They often also ask to find the medical history of the people in a family tree.
  • Realtors pay for information on home owners while auto repossession agents pay for details on auto loan defaulters whose vehicles have to be seized.
  • Probate lawyers have asked me to find heirs, while family lawyers want to know about those who have stopped sending the child support checks.


But, that is not all! The Unclaimed Person’s Network that I offer my services to for free has me finding the next of kin of decedents. This is done in a bid to ensure that as many deceased people as possible can receive proper last rites instead of being held in morgues as unclaimed dead bodies.

You may have noticed that each one of my clients has and had a very clear motive for seeking the information I found for them. Similarly if you for some reason want to find a person, connect with me now and I will get you the information you seek.

While you are thinking this over, go ahead and download this report: How to find any public records