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If you are interested in an arrest warrant search from Franklin County, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that your inquiry can be made more pertinent and far reaching with the minimal of efforts since the entire justice network sits in the same area. Cops, the magistrate’s court and the county clerk all work out of Preston, which means this is the only area that you will need to go to for finding information on the outstanding warrants and arrests in the name of your subject.

Generally, the police department would be a good choice for anybody who has exclusive interest in gathering crime related data. This does not mean that the sheriff’s department has nothing additional to bring to the table. On the contrary, the agency can supply the most wanted list of the area along with a glaring example of the work they are doing in the form of the crime figures for the year.

However, as an applicant who would much rather access subject data that goes beyond just the criminal, the office of the clerk of court would be a sound choice. This agency is part of the state’s judiciary but they do not actively involve themselves in the issue of arrest warrants or any other legal processes. Their job is the maintenance of the court dockets repository.

This database has details on the criminal cases and the civil litigations fought in the area. So, apart from details on Franklin County active warrants and arrest records, you could get your hands on a whole lot of ancillary information about what the subject has been up to. The magistrate’s court on its part can add to the inquiry results by offering details on the release of criminal summons and bench warrants. To contact these agencies, you can go to 39 W Oneida St, Preston, ID 83263.

Is it possible to acquire information about Franklin County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)   

  • Contact the Sheriff’s Office for reports of incidents, and accidents as well as arrest records- 208-852-1234
  • Contact the Franklin County Attorney’s Office in case you need victim assistance-208-852-9119.
  • Call the Office of the Clerk of Court to learn about the process for initiating a judicial records and warrants search-208-852-0877 ext. 5.

Crime statistics of Franklin County

In 2019, Franklin County’s crime rate increased by 31%. Of the 42 complaints filed through the year, 8 were against violent offenses and 7 of these involved physical assaults. The annual crime average included 34 complaints against property crimes. Among these were 14 cases of larceny-theft and 20 of burglary.

The crime rates of Franklin County, Idaho are exceptionally low at just 100 incidents per annum. The figures of violent crime are equally low at just about 5 incidents per year. Despite this, law enforcement has been unsuccessful in controlling the significant rise of almost 70% in the crime rates of the area.

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