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The office of the county clerk is one of the three state agencies that are offering the facility for an arrest warrant search in Jerome County, ID.Although, the clerk of court’s department does not get actively involved in the issue of active warrants nor does it make arrests under the provisions of such decrees, it performs the all important task of keeping arrest records and information on the other milestones through the life of a criminal trial.

For instance, deputies of the county clerk can be seen in the court room since the time the bench convenes to establish probable cause and issue arrest warrants in response to the police complaint filed with the judiciary. If the outcome of the pre-warrant hearing is the issue of a detention directive, this information is duly noted in the court dockets database.

The department then awaits details on the arrests effected under these orders. This information comes from the office of the sheriff that has been set in charge of executing many legal provisions including bench warrants and search orders. Once an accused is apprehended, the original, Jerome County active warrant is dispatched to the office of the magistrate or the county clerk. This return of the order is seen as intimation to the judiciary to start further legal proceedings

The clerk of court’s office is not just in charge of maintaining the database of court dockets for criminal tribunals but also they handle civil matters. So, apart from details on the issue of Jerome County outstanding warrants and arrests effected in connection with such orders, you can also find data pertaining to non-criminal litigations. To find this and other information, you can approach the county clerk’s office or any other justice agency at:

  • Law enforcement: 300 N Lincoln Ave, Jerome, ID 83338
  • Judiciary: As above
  • County clerk: PO Box 407, Jerome, Idaho 83318

Each year, Jerome County, Idaho witnesses the commissioning of 450 crimes. Although about 10% of these are of a violent nature, the future looks bright, as there has been no increase in the crime rates of the area.

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