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An arrest warrant search from Boise County, ID is no longer an inquiry that needs to have commercial overtones. It is not just corporate firms that are inquiring about active warrants and arrest records these days, as a growing number of civilian applicants are also waking up to the benefit of such preventative, security interventions.

For one, knowing about any outstanding warrants from Boise County in the name of an acquaintance or a loved one will tell you about the risk of arrests faced by these individuals. This means that if you intend to get into a professional association with this person, you will know what to expect. After all, the last thing you need is an employee being arrested from your office.

Making such a precautionary move would get you details on the criminal past, including the Boise County arrest records, of any person you know. So, these investigations are an absolute must when hiring staff that will work around children, seniors and disabled people. Actually, as per state laws, most ‘for profit’ and non-profit establishments that provide services to such clients are required to conduct warrant searches on their employees.

However, if you intend to hire a nanny or a caretaker for your home,you will not be subject to this mandatory requirement but undoubtedly it would make sense to know if the person who will have access to your home has criminal tendencies. To conduct an inquiry into arrests and warrants, you can get in touch with the following state offices:

  • The office of the sheriff: 3851 Highway 21, PO Box 189, Idaho City, Idaho 83631
  • The court of the magistrate: 419 Main St, Idaho City, ID 83631
  • The department of the county clerk: 420 Main Street, Idaho City, Idaho 83631

How do you obtain details pertaining to Boise County warrants and arrests? (Revised in 2021)              

  • Contact the police department for information about incident and accidents and an arrest report- 208-392-4411.
  • Contact the Magistrate’s Court for all inquiries about active warrants- (208)392-4452, ext. 131.
  • Obtain information about victim’s assistance by contacting the Boise County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office at 208-392-4485.
  • Learn about criminal case court dates and judicial records by calling the Clerk of Court-208-392-4452/208-392-9593.

Crime statistics of Boise County

Property crimes accounted for the majority of the nearly 80 crimes reported in Boise County in 2019, at 62 complaints. There were 7 burglaries and around 50 larceny thefts in this category. In the category of violent crimes, there were 15 reports of aggravated assault and 1 report of rape.

Despite its bustling urban pockets, Boise County, Idaho only has an annual crime rate of about 140 cases. Also, there has been little movement in the crime rates of the area in recent years.

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