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To reduce the workload of the department pertaining to request for arrest warrant searches in Twin Falls County, ID, the police now provide details on the issue of active warrants online. A most wanted list is also provided through their web portal. However, it should be clearly understood that although these webpage are very informative, they cannot be treated as a substitute for a regular investigation into the issue of arrest warrants, which can get you a lot more information.

On, you will find the “warrants info” link that will take you to the pdf file which contains information on all the outstanding warrants from Twin Falls County. You will find the name of the offender in this accumulation of data along with information on the crime that he is being accused of; physical attributes, including race, height, weight, hair and eye color and current contact details as listed on the warrant.

You can also learn about the bond amount that will have to be paid by the offenders to secure their release, if this has been mentioned on the arrest warrant. The detention directives included in this list were all released in the last two years; this means that you cannot find information on older warrants on this page.

Also, as soon as arrests are made under these orders, information about them is taken down. You can visit to find pictures of some of the more dangerous criminals with active warrants to their name. However, if you were to launch an inquiry into Twin Falls County outstanding warrants through one of the offices mentioned below, you can also get local arrest records and case details.

The police and the judiciary, including the office of the county clerk can be visited at 425 Shoshone St N, Twin Falls, Idaho 83303. You can also use this address to send your warrant search requests through mail; however, the clerk of court’s office has given its postal address as PO Box 126, Twin Falls, Idaho 83303-0126.

Is it possible to get information on Twin Falls County arrest warrants and recent arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)   

  • For details about arrests and inmates, contact the Twin Falls County Jail at 208-734-9090 or the Twin Falls Detention Center at 208-736-2588.
  • For an arrest report and incident/accident Sheriff’s Office, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 208-736-4177.
  • For details pertaining to warrants, call the Magistrate’s Court at 208-736-4004.
  • For seeking victim’s assistance, call the Twin Falls County Attorney’s Office at 208-736-4020.
  • For judicial Sheriff’s Office inquiries, call the Clerk of Court at 208-736-4025.

Crime statistics of Twin Falls County

The Twin Falls Sheriff’s Department recorded 178 criminal complaints in 2019, a significant decrease as compared to the 253 crimes reported in 2018. There were 136 property offenses and 42 violent offense among the reported crimes.

Around 65 larceny thefts, 60 burglaries, and 14 motor vehicle thefts were listed as property crimes. Approximately, 35 aggravated assaults and 9 rapes among the violent crimes reported.

Of the 2500 criminal complaints lodged in Twin Falls County, Idaho annually, only about 200 are filed against violent crimes. In recent years, there has been a drop of over 20% in this crime category.

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