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A lot of people suggest that an arrest warrant search in Madison County, ID is only needed when hiring new people. However, this would be underplaying the potency of such inquiries and their sheer efficacy is keeping criminal elements away from your personal and work life. The first thing that should be stated about such inquiries is that they are quite easy to conduct.

As long as you have a free hour and some money in your hands, you can simply walk into the office of a state agency and ask them to find the Madison County arrest records and active warrants in the name of somebody you know. The report you receive will include information on criminal charges levied against this person, regardless of how old the information/case is.

Moreover, you could also access generic crime details such as the county’s most wanted list. Finding the name of your subject in this list would mean that he has been evading arrests and that the accusations against him are very serious. If you get in touch with the magistrate’s court, you will also be given details on the bench warrants issued against this person.

These directives are used specifically to capture absconders and those who have disobeyed a diktat from the court. The department of the county clerk can be contacted for details on Madison County outstanding warrants, arrests as well as data pertaining to civil litigations. So, you could also find out about cases that are currently being fought in the corporate and family courts of the area. To get your hands on this data, drive down to:

  • The police: 145 E. Main St, Rexburg, Idaho 83440
  • The county clerk: PO Box 389, Rexburg, Idaho 83440
  • The court of the magistrate: 134 E Main St, Rexburg, ID 83440

Between 1999 and 2008, every year, almost 350 criminal acts were reported in Madison County, Idaho. Although only 5% of these cases were filed in matters pertaining to violent crime, this may change in the near future, as the rates of this crime category have risen by almost 70%.

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