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Wouldn’t it be nice if all the criminal information pertaining to a specific offender were to be saved at one location? Well, if you are getting out to launch an arrest warrant search in Payette County, ID, this is exactly what you will find. In fact, you could also make the addition of civil court dockets to the list of details that you stand to get.

Because the judiciary and the police operate out of the same complex, you will find it easy to take your inquiry on locally issued arrest warrants from one office to another. In fact, also included in the justice mix is the office of the county clerk which can grant you access to their repository of court dockets. This is an accumulation of case details from the various entities across the judicial hierarchy.

So, along with information on Payette County arrest records and active warrants, you can also request the agency to provide details on the non-criminal litigations that are brought upwhen using the name of the subject to search the database. The magistrate’s court can be petitioned to release data connected to the issue of criminal summons and bench warrants, while the office of the sheriff will be only too happy to provide a most wanted list and area wise crime statistics upon request.

However, all of this will involve taking the mandatory trip to the courthouse at 1130 3rd Ave N, Payette, ID 83661. Apart from being a tad bit tedious, this option is simply not available for people who have Payette County outstanding warrants against them. Another way to seek information on arrests and warrants is through a non-government agency. These third party websites work online, so you can get your hands on crime history details without venturing out of your home. For this, you can fill the form above.

How do you connect with law enforcement agencies over the phone for a Payette County warrants search and arrests-data? (Checked in 2021)         

  • Payette County recent arrests: (208) 642-6006 Ext.1143.
  • Arrest records: 208-642-0698.
  • Details about active warrants: 208-642-6010.  
  • Crime victim’s assistance: 208-642-6096.
  • Judicial information, including case records: 208-642-6000.

Crime statistics of Payette County

Payette County’s yearly crime average decreased by 16% in 2019, hence the yearly incident total plunged below the 100- case mark.

Violent crimes led to the filing of 14 of the 99 complaints filed through the year. Among these were 3 occurrences of rape and 11 cases of serious assault. Larceny-theft accounted for 66 of the property crime complaints, while burglaries accounted for 7 of them.

Over the last few years, the reported crime rates of Payette County, Idaho have decreased by 21%. In contrast, the average of violent acts went down by only 4%. Overall, almost 400 crimes are reported in the area per annum.

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