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What are arrest records and arrest warrants?

As the name suggests, Idaho arrest records are a part of the overall crime history data furnished to applicants who are interested in this sort of information. More specifically, these are details kept by various law enforcement agencies, justice departments and the Idaho State Police on detentions made in connection with various criminal acts. These arrests may or may not have occurred under the provisions of an active warrant from ID.

The central crime data repository maintained by the Bureau of Criminal Identification, which is a division of the State police, has information on all arrests and criminal matters in which detentions were effected that are backed by fingerprint cards. Regardless of how a criminal matter was disposed by the courts, it is the availability of fingerprints that will rule the inclusion of a specific set of arrest records in the crime history database.

If for a particular case, offender fingerprints could not be captured, information on such a case will not be available in the state repository. However, you may be able to find details on it through the local law enforcement office that handled the case. By law, all sheriffs’ offices are required to send details on fingerprint arrests to the BCI as soon as possible after the occurrence of the criminal act to which they are linked.

This information is stored with the BCI till steps are taken by the person in whose name the crime records exist to purge the system of the data available against him. This can only be done by seeking an expungement order from the courts. The database of crime history can be accessed through fingerprint and name based warrant searches initiated through the BCI.

Idaho active warrants

Active warrants are detention directives that have recently been issued by the local tribunal against a person who is accused of having commissioned an act that can be deemed criminal as per state laws. Although the decision regarding the culpability of the accused is made by the judiciary, it is the police who furnish the information that would be needed to deliberate on the matter.

For this, a formal complaint is filed with the bench stating the reasons and the evidence why the police have presumed a particular incident to be of a criminal nature. This affidavit also has to clearly show that cops have probable cause to supportthe assumption pertaining to the involvement of the suspect in the criminal act defined in the writ. While the cops present information on all the proof held by them in front of the judiciary, it is the magistrate who decides if this would be enough to prove to any person that there is indeed a strong possibility that the crime was commissioned by the alleged offender. This is all that needs to be shown to seek an arrest warrant.

How do I search for Idaho arrest records and warrants?

One way to initiate an arrest warrant search in ID is through the office of judicial administration. This agency is responsible for keeping the court dockets for all matters heard by the local tribunals. The Idaho Supreme Court Data Repository is a collection of such case details. In it, you will find information on ongoing cases as well as matters that have been closed.

The database can be scoured by using the name of the litigant or the defendant or by inserting the case number. Apart from the first 6 digits of the social security number of the litigants and personal data such as license and financial account numbers, you can find all other information about the case.

To use the facility, use the online search tool offered at You can find case data going as far back as 1995 in the repository and the inquiry can be run free of charge. After inserting the required information simply click on the search tab to view the results. If you would rather approach the agency through mail for the investigation, write to P.O. Box 83720, Boise, ID 83720.

Idaho crime statistics

About 40,000 criminal complaints are lodged across Idaho State every year. This annual average includes about 3400 cases of violent crime and approximately 37,000 instances of property crimes. Through the decade that ended in 2008, there was a growth of about 15% in violent crimes. However, this was marginally balanced off by a decrease of about 10% in reported criminal activity.

Of the criminal complaints filed, more than half were against thefts; as opposed to this, assaults which had the highest frequency in the violent crimes category accounted for just 7% of all cases lodged. However, a particularly concerning trend that emerged was that 50% of all criminal incidents transpired close to the victim’s office or home.

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