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Ada County arrest warrant searches are the easiest to conduct as the local law enforcement agency offers a significant amount of information pertaining to pending detention directives as well as the most recent arrests made, through their website. However, this should not be confused with a regular inquiry on active warrants which can bring back results on ID arrest records and case verdicts as well.

Of course, people who just want to know if their subject has an outstanding warrant from Ada County in his name will certainly benefit from the information provided. A list of all the arrest orders issued in the area is offered on

. Remember that this list only has information on decrees that have yet to be served and not those which have already been used to effect arrests.

You can find a list of recent detentions at However, this webpage will only contain information on arrests made in the last few months. So, you will not find old arrest records in this list nor is any information offered on correctional detention.

If you are seeking a background report that also contains other crime related data such as details on prison term, incarceration and release, etc., you will have to do things the old school way and visit either the police department or the judiciary in person. The three agencies that can provide data on criminal history have been listed below. Apart from this, you could also get in touch with a private firm by using the above given form.

  • The sheriff: 7200 Barrister Dr, Boise, Idaho 83704
  • The magistrate: 200 W Front St, Boise, ID 83702
  • The clerk of court: 200 West Front Street, Room 1196, Boise, Idaho 83702

Ada County, Idaho has an annual crime average of over 10,000 incidents and about 800 of the total complaints lodged are against violent crimes. Over the decade that ended in 2008, violent criminal rate showed a conspicuous rise of almost 40%.

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